Carole, I had the most wonderful experience at your wheel store and have to tell you about it!
My car was vibrating and after taking it to my own tire shop a few weeks ago, they told me I had 2 bent wheels. Ther referred me to Hubcap Heaven. I called HCH and was greeted by a sweet gal named Melita who was very helpful, courteous and asked if I wanted to make an appointment to have my wheels re-straightened so that they could service me quickly. I went to my appointment Thursday, May 14th at 1:00pm I was promptly & pleasantly greeted by two very nice people. I explained my situation to the service tech Jimmy, who told me if he found my wheels to be bent, he would show it me before he straightened them. Iwas pleasantly surprised when he informed me that only one wheel was bent. Not only was hubcap heaven courteous, they were honest and fast! I was in and out in ONE hour! I asked how long they had been in business, and was told 20 years! I can see why your company has been so successful. You have my highest recommendation!!
I work for a local bank. And have been in customer service all my life, I know how important it is to treat people right. If they are not treated right, it usually doesn’t matter how good the deal is, they’ll go elsewhere! In my experience with you business I got great service AND a great deal!
Thank you!
Lesa B.