Complete Wheel Refinishing

First, the wheel must be inspected to determine if performing a repair will be safe. From there the process of reconditioning the wheel is dependent on the amount of damage and the original appearance of the wheel.

The reconditioning process can include a variety of different elements, including stripping, painting, machining, welding, straightening, and clear coating. During each step of the reconditioning process, the wheel is examined in order to verify that it meets our commitment to excellence. The final condition of the wheel will equal or even surpass the OEM specifications from the manufacturer.


This is the most common finish chosen to customize steel or alloy wheels. We have a wide range of silver to black color options. We can customize your wheel in many finishes and colors.


This custom finish offers a milled aluminum look with a CD – like effect under light. You can see the fine milling lines under the clear coat and often comes painted and machined.


This is a high gloss finish achieved by slowly polishing the alloy to a shine. Often seen on SUV’s and trucks.



Chrome wheel are alloy wheels that have been chrome plated. Chrome corrosion can be repaired to seal the bead.


Wheels come in a variety of finishes such as painted, machined, polished, and even chrome. We refinish painted, polished and machined wheels on site. Your wheels will go though a process that includes and initial cleaning, a thorough sanding, they will then be re-painted or machined, then a clear coat is applied  and baked to a hard, like new finish, at a fraction of the cost of buying a new wheel. Call for an appointment or drop your wheel off today. We can also refinish chrome wheels, however, that process takes 6 – 8 weeks.


These wheels appear to be chrome but are a plastic face glued to the wheel. This chrome skin cannot be repaired. We can replace the wheel, however.


A lustrous, metallic finish that is a topcoat over a silver or black base coat.


This is the most durable finish, it’s applied as a dry powder and baked on. Comes in a variety of custom colors for steel or alloy wheels.


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